When She Travels

When the head of the household is out of town for work or personal reasons, a homemaker has the opportunity to hold down the fort and take care of some of the more difficult tasks around the house. It can be a great chance for him to demonstrate his unwavering support and commitment. In this article, we will explore how a submissive man can help his wife or girlfriend prepare for her trips and maintain the household while she’s away by taking care of kids and pets or running errands for her while she is gone.

Preparing for the Trip

A crucial aspect of supporting your wife or girlfriend during her travels is assisting her in preparing for the trip. This involves tasks such as:

a) Research and logistics: Offer to help research travel details, such as flights, accommodations, and transportation arrangements. Run any errands for travel supplies. By taking on these responsibilities, you alleviate some of the stress associated with planning and ensure a smooth journey for your partner. 

b) Packing assistance: Help your partner pack, ensuring she has everything she needs for her trip. Pay attention to details, such as weather conditions at the destination and assist in selecting appropriate clothing and accessories.

c) Emotional support: Understand that traveling can sometimes be overwhelming or stressful. Provide emotional support by actively listening to her concerns and reassuring her that you will care for things at home, allowing her to focus on her trip with peace of mind.

Maintaining the Household

While your wife or girlfriend is away, it’s essential to maintain the household and ensure a comfortable environment for her return. Here are some key responsibilities to consider:

a) Household chores: Taking care of the day-to-day household chores, such as cleaning, laundry and maintaining tidiness should continue as usual. By keeping the home organized, you create a welcoming atmosphere for your partner’s return.

b) Home security: Prioritize the safety and security of your home. If your wife or girlfriend is anything like mine, she’s diligent about locking the doors. Double-check locks, set up timers for lights, and be vigilant about any potential issues. Knowing that you are maintaining a secure environment will bring peace of mind to your partner, especially if you have children. When she returns, if she’s getting in late at night, be sure to turn on a light for her arrival.

c) Stock up: Make a trip to the grocery and home goods stores to ensure you have any essential items when she returns. You want to make her transition home as seamless as possible and having anything she might need or want on hand will go a long way.

Getting Special Project Done

When your wife or girlfriend is away it can be a great time to tackle some of the larger, more time-consuming or sprawling projects around the house. She’s not around to be inconvenienced by anything that might disrupt her normal routines and her absence allows you to present the results of your effort all at once on her return. The change will be accentuated to her because she has not seen the progress. For example, I’ve painted the dining room, cleaned the attic, and planted a garden while my wife was away for work.

Lastly, be sure to take care of yourself while your partner is gone. She undoubtedly looks out for you in one way or another and regardless, when she’s away, she’ll depend on you to be reliable and composed in her absence. Longer separations can get lonely. It’s also easy to get grumpy- resentful of her traveling while you’re doing housework, without the reinforcement of her affection. Be prepared to deal with your emotions without burdening her while she is gone.

Though it can be difficult when the head of your household, and leader of your relationship, is away, you can pass the time more quickly and have something to show on her return by stepping up to take care of anything and everything she needs while she is gone.