Welcome to Our Female Led Home

For many people, the home is the center of our lives and lifestyles. Through it we explore and express ourselves. As our lifestyles change, our sense of what our home requires changes as well. If we start a family, we may need to make changes to our home to accommodate the needs of young children. If we take on a new hobby or interest, we may need to make space in our home for the equipment or materials that we need. Our home is often the foundation on which our way of life is built. Accordingly, the home, and the process of homemaking, can play central roles in a female led relationship (FLR).

The responsibility of homemaking, when accepted as an act of service and devotion, can be a perfect- practical, pleasurable, and positive – expression of submission. In a FLR, this duty falls to the submissive male, who accepts it as a way of showing his willingness to serve and submit to his dominant partner’s desires. In the styling, organization, and operation of the home, her needs and desires can take precedence over his. He can take responsibility for providing her with the most comfortable, satisfying space possible. Together they can share a cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable home. Because the home is such a substantial and personal part of life, homemaking provides endless opportunities for service submission.

The Female Led Home is a place to find practical advice and tips for homemaking in a female led relationship. Cooking, cleaning, decorating (according to her tastes), maintenance, hosting, and making your home away from home are important responsibilities for an aspiring homemaker. They can often be optimized with service and submission in mind. From preparing healthy meals that she and your family will enjoy, to organizing the household laundry process- when hosting a brunch, or planning a romantic getaway- there are countless ways to put her first while fulfilling the duties of a homemaker. When the responsibility of homemaking is approached with a positive attitude and a sense of purpose, it can become a source of pleasure and fulfillment for both the submissive and woman he serves.

This is not a guide for, or primarily about, relationships- other people cover that topic well- though our practical tips on how to better serve will require and develop communication skills. We’re not here to sell you on a female led relationship either; We’re assuming that you’re already into it, or at least interested in what it has to offer. We are here to provide you with content that caters to your interest in improving your female led home. This is also not about us, or any particular way of running a FLR. We want to entertain and elevate all who participate in and appreciate the lifestyle.

And so, welcome to our female led home. We believe that domestic servitude is one of the strongest principles of a female led relationship. Through intimate, everyday service, it allows couples to build deeper, more fulfilling expressions of their feelings for one another. Our goal is to deepen the connection between the head of your home and its homemaker by sharing knowledge and fostering a positive, engaging community.  We hope you find something that betters your life or brightens your day. Enjoy.