An Out of Town Wedding

So a friend is getting married out of town, and you’ll be traveling as a couple for the wedding…

One of the most fun things a couple can do is travel with friends. An out of town wedding is a great chance to enjoy a new locale with your partner. You can do your job as her submissive by ensuring she has the absolute best time possible, and that means taking all of the work and hassle out of it for her. This means helping her prepare, helping her get there, and making sure she is free to cut loose with her friends.

First you have to help her get decked out. Buy her a new dress, shoes, or accessories- whatever she needs to feel like she looks her best. Being confident will allow her to relax and be herself. Book her an appointment to get her nails, toenails, and hair done. Pick something up off the bridal registry for her, and anything else she wants to bring on the trip. Help her pack.

Take the pain out of traveling; Make it easy and fun. If you’re flying, get her to the airport. Take care of her bags. Bring snacks, gum, and something for her to watch or read. If you’re road-tripping, make it as quick, or as scenic and enjoyable as possible. Look into the sights you might pass, and things you might do along the way. Have a plan to get her to the hotel, booked, and settled in. Set up the room to her liking. Pick up any supplies you couldn’t travel with.

Once you’re in town for the wedding, your job is to pamper her. Does she have time to go to the spa? Would she like to shop or sight-see? Be sure to have her back in time to relax and get ready for any wedding events, and be ready to adapt if she decides to change plans. Help her get ready. If she’s in the wedding and you’re not involved in rehearsals, pictures, etc., you should still be on-call in case there is anything she needs. If you are in the wedding, be sure that she has things to do while you are busy.

During the entire trip you should be doing everything you can to make sure she can let loose and have a good time. If she parties, make sure she has her drink or drug of choice. If she likes to dance and get pumped to music, make a playlist for her and bring a bluetooth speaker for the hotel room. Humor her; Do the things she wants to do. Get out of your shell and play nice with her friends. Dance with her. Treat her like a princess; Make her feel like she- not the bride- is the hottest, baddest chick there.

If she parties a little too hard, be there to help her rally, get back to the hotel, and wind down for the evening. Give her what she wants, but more importantly, make sure she gets what she needs and is taken care of from beginning to end. Be mindful of any things she might lose along the way- shoes, her purse- or things he might want to bring home after- favors, centerpieces, flowers, etc. Take care of her and anything she’d care about.

Being a female led homemaker sometimes means making her a home away from home. An out of town wedding is a great chance to take her someplace and make memories with friends, while serving her every desire and whim. You can make it more fun than she could possibly imagine, and she will appreciate your dedication to her good time.